What Every Parent Should Know About MERLD

When our children began to display signs of a language delay, I began to research ways I could help them.

My husband and I tried many things, but nothing we did seemed to help very much.

The more time went on, the more we began to worry.

I spent many nights googling, researching, taking notes, and strategizing ways to help my children develop language.

Then one day I stumbled on a term that would soon become my children's official diagnosis:


What Every Parent Should Know About MERLD

MERLD stands for Mixed Expressive-Receptive Language Delay.

Today I'm over at YearRound Homeschooling, sharing part 1 of a 3-part series on MERLD.

Today's post is What Is MERLD, and you can find it here.

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  2. What made you decide to home school? My son is having social issues due to merld and anxiety. I'm afraid pulling him from public school would make it worse.

    1. First of all, please forgive me - I accidentally deleted your comment and had to put it back. I think I needed another cup of coffee before I attempted playing with comments. *grin*

      I decided to homeschool mainly because I was concerned that his learning style wouldn't be conducive to a typical learning environment (sit still and listen). He needs a lot more movement and activity - and he tends to learn well by acting things out, moving around, and play. Also, his mind tends to wander off, and the one-on-one allows me to help bring his attention back to what we're learning. In a classroom setting with 15-20 other kids, there is a lot of potential for him to fall through the cracks.

      He also struggles with social issues, this allow me to help him build social skills in a much more controlled environment.

  3. That's okay! Thank you for the response! That is very helpful point of view. My son has a lot of the same problems!


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