Our 2019-2020 School Schedule

I have a love-hate relationship with schedules.

I love to sit down and write out a schedule. I seriously love this and can spend a lot of time crafting the perfect schedule.

It's the execution that can be difficult for me.

And when my perfect-on-paper schedule doesn't work, I soothe my frayed nerves by sitting down and making out another one that will work even better.

So, I am going into this post with a bit of trepidation, because I know my own weakness.

As I stated in my earlier post Homeschooling With a Crazy Schedule, our oldest son attends school in two shifts.

One week he attends school in the morning, the other week in the afternoon; and he often needs assistance with his homework.

Our youngest (the one being homeschooled) is very hyperactive and does better with consistency, so keeping to a consistent school schedule is a must for him...and me.

And I think I have worked out a school schedule that will meet both of these needs at the same time!

Our 2019-2020 School Schedule

My children are typically up at 7:30.

When our oldest son goes to school in the morning, he has to be up at 6:30 because he needs to leave for the bus at 7:20.

Despite every effort to get him up quietly, our youngest usually ends up out of bed at the same time. 

So, I usually try to use that to my advantage.

Our oldest gets up, has his breakfast, gets dressed, and then has his personal devotions (read his Bible, writes down three things he observed, and prays) before leaving for the bus. 

I figure, if our youngest is already up and has had his breakfast, we might as well get started on school.

You can find a list of our curriculum choices at this post here: Our Curriculum Choices for 2019-2020

Edited: after some thought, I decided to go ahead and purchase my son an easy-to-read children's Bible. We will be using the Old Testament as "ancient history".

I began to grow concerned that we were doing too much at the start. 

Because he tends to become easily overwhelmed, I thought it would be better to ease into 1st grade. We can always add more later, if I feel the need. 

Schedule #1

7:30-9:30 A.M.

Monday - Friday

  1. 5-in-a-Row (reading and comprehension)
  2. Croatian Lesson
  3. Math (Lesson on Monday, Review Tuesday-Thursday)
  4. Piano (Lesson on Monday, practice Tuesday-Friday)
Monday - History Lesson
Tuesday and Thursday - Science Lesson
Friday - Art

1:00-3:00 P.M.

  1. Bible
  2. Chores
  3. Croatian workbook
  4. Math workbook
  5. Science / History worksheet

Schedule #2

8:15-10:15 A.M.

Monday - Friday

  1. Bible
  2. Chores
  3. Croatian Lesson and Workbook
  4. Math (Lesson on Monday, Review Tuesday-Thursday)
  5. Piano (Lesson on Monday, practice Tuesday-Friday)

1:00-3:00 P.M.

  1. 5-in-a-Row (reading and comprehension)
  2. Math workbook
  3. Monday - History Lesson and worksheet
  4. Tuesday and Thursday - Science Lesson and worksheet
  5. Friday - Art
At first glance, it looks like this will work for us. It keeps most of the teaching time to the part of our day when our oldest is in school, yet keeps him busy while homework is being done.