Homeschooling With a Crazy Schedule

The question I had to ask myself was, "Will I homeschool or school at home?"

Here's what I mean by that question:

Will I find creative ways to make homeschool fit my home and my son's needs, or will I just transplant a traditional school setting into my home.

Many families with 2 working parents think they can't homeschool....but they can. Some do and homeschool successfully.

Some self-employed, work-from-home moms like me think that they couldn't possibly work homeschool around their schedule.

But they can, and many do!

Our home has a very crazy schedule.

My husband works 3 rotating shifts and our oldest son attends public school in two rotating shifts (one week he has school in the morning, the next week in the afternoon).

On top of that, I work from home.

Homeschooling With a Crazy Schedule

How on earth do I plan to make it work??

The first thing I wanted to establish was that our homeschooling son will have a steady routine. He needs that.

He has high energy and low concentration, and he needs very good structure in his schedule.

So, whether or not our oldest is home doing homework in the morning or afternoon, we will stick to our school schedule.

On the weeks when my son attends school in the afternoon (and is doing homework during our usual school hours) I will have him do his homework at his desk in his room so he can concentrate.

Also, I am going to try to coordinate things so that if they are studying similar topics at the same time, that they can learn together.

But every structure needs some flex for when the unexpected hits...otherwise it will crumble.

So, on those days when my husband has a day off in the middle of the week and wants to grab breakfast at IKEA or take our son to the park; well, we can always shift things around.

Homeschooling with a crazy schedule isn't easy...but it's well worth the effort and investment!


  1. Just curious, why does your oldest have 2 different "shifts" for public school?

    Also, we are one of those families where both of us parents work outside of the home, and we Homeschool - it's busy/hectic, and I couldn't do it without my mom's help, but it's SO doable and SO worthwhile for my son.


    1. His school building is too small to accommodate all of the students at once, so they have shifts. And for some reason they feel it's a good idea to rotate the shifts, instead of certain grades always being on the same shift. It's less than ideal.

      I am so glad you have been able to find a way to make it work for your family. So often families think that if both parents work, they can't homeschool. Not true! And you're living proof. And the benefits just keep coming!


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